Derek Bergey Photography

This is why I take pictures.

I'm sure people have fancy answers about photography being art and it being life and… yeah, I don't use that answer. My reason is simple. As an actor I've spent more years in front of camera's than I have behind them. I always looked at people’s head shots and was astounded at how much they paid and what they got for that. So I bought all my own gear and started learning. Years later and after shoots that have spanned the country, it’s been a worthwhile skill for me to have learned.
My goal is very simple, make you comfortable while a camera is pointed at your face and you stare into the pupil of the lens wondering if you have any food stuck in your teeth. It's the making you comfortable part that brings out who people really are, and not who they think they should be. People can be very interesting when they're being themselves and I try to catch that. It's in those moments, that you get a picture of someone that they’ll hold onto forever. That's the part I'm after. I want to take pictures that you love. Maybe those turn into picture that open the door for new auditions, maybe they get you a date or they go next to your casket a hundred years from now.

Headshots start around $200. I don't charge for looks, that's amateur. So feel free to change your shirt as many times as you'd like. I usually shoot for an hour, sometimes it goes over sometimes it doesn’t, but I make sure I have plenty of time to work with you on getting what you want. Honestly, it’s fairly normal for me to get the shots I want in the first 20 minutes and everything else after that is icing on the cake for us. In terms of edits, I usually think, edits and tons of post work is for people who don’t know how to get it right in camera. If there are 20 or so images you want color corrected and such, that’s great. I’m happy to help. If you’re an actor and you want 50 prints of something, we can factor that into the price ($1 per image)

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